I eat food, real food. I believe the path to ideal health is through eating real food (a lot of it), not eating fake food. My method is to educate, guide and support you in your practice of good nutrition.

I am Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I consult and educate employees as part of their Corporate Wellness offerings, groups and organizations and I offer 1-on-1 individual consulting at my office in Atlanta on the Beltline or virtually via Skype.

I approach nutrition as an integrated review of your whole health, not simply a symptom or ailment.

The body is a huge machine made up of systems. Each system works together cohesively so the body functions as it should. If one system is out of order, it will cause a rippling effect and other systems will get whacked. No one acts alone.

EatSmarts Nutrition looks at this interconnectivity, collects a complete picture and bases your plan on that information.

It’s NOT about quick-fixes, fad diets, deprivation, restrictive eating or your willpower. It’s about teaching you to make sustainable,permanent behavior changes based on your bio-individuality, health history, personal goals. It's about learning to listen to and support your body through positive nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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My Services

I offer a whole bucket of Nutrition services.  Why so many? Everyone is unique and everyone have specific goals.  

Our philosophy is that each of us has a bio-chemistry like no other.  This makeup is specific to you, based on your genetics, environment, history, age, gender. So, one solution for everyone will NOT work.  

We believe to successfully change your health the solution needs to be tailored to you specifically.  We will partner with you to customize a plan that will become your healthy lifestyle.  

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What is EatSmarts?

EatSmarts is a nutritional approach to health.   

My mission is to educate people about food and increase your eat ’smarts’.

I teach people how to make good nutritional choices. You will learn to ask simple questions.  Is this food I am about to eat going to be helpful or harmful or somewhere in between? Is it going to help my body in doing its job? Is is something that I will enjoy? Is it going to satisfy me or leave me hungry?  The answer may be yes, no or maybe so.  Asking and answering these simple questions will help you learn how food and your body work together to feed your health and well being.  

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What's Trending in Nutrition and Wellness Today

I pride myself on being educated and up to date on all the things nutrition

The science of nutrition and in turn, good health is on ongoing discovery of how our bodies work and how nutrients in the form of food, vitamins, minerals and supplements  can either harm or heal us.  Check out my blog to get the scoop on what is a new fad and what is good nutrition based on science. 

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Or reach out. I get lots of questions about what is good nutrition and all things health. I offer a personalized question service for free.  It's called 'Ask a Nutritionist'.  So go ahead, ask away.