Corporate Wellness Offerings

Did YOU know healthy employees are more loyal, more productive, more engaged, more present (not just in a Zen-Be Here, Now… but employees that take less sick days) and they are happier? I DID because I wrote my thesis on it and proved it with data.

So, I can help you and your employees get healthy, be happier, and be more productive.

I offer a series of Nutrition Education services for your employees. I can come to you or host them at our offices here in Midtown.

Check out my services below and I personalize them to work with existing Wellness programs and integrate with your corporate environment. Lets Connect.

Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food

Lunch & Learn

I offer a 4, 8 or 12 week program of weekly lunch and learn sessions about the science of nutrition. Instead of talking about gimmicky plans and out of context nutrition science, I will focus on the behaviors and state of mind of people who are thriving with their relationships with food, body and health.

The topics will be customized but typically include;

  • Nutrition 101 - Introduction into the science of nutrition and your unique system.

  • Debunking the Diet Culture, why diets don’t & are not designed to work.

  • The science of metabolism.

  • Macro & micronutrients.

  • Gut health & gut microbiome.

  • Busting nutrition myths.

  • The science of nutrition research.

  • Meal planning & grocery shopping.

  • Eat, Sleep, Move & Repeat.

  • Applying and thriving.


30-day challenge

This is not your average 30-day weight loss challenge. This challenge is to learn to eat intuitively using at the food and mood log for 30 days. We will guide your employees away from mindless, distracted eating to learning to listen to their hunger and fullness cues and embrace intuitive eating. No diets, no food restrictions and no counting ever. This is a paradigm shift to teaching your employees to listen and respond. Intuitive, healthy employees are more productive and loyal employees.


Group nutrition 101

Add on to the Lunch and Learn series for each employee who attends the session, they will have personalized access to a online food and mood log app and daily interactions with a Nutritionist to get feedback on what they are eating and an option to ask nutrition questions and get real time guidance, recommendations and advise. This is an integrated service that you can offer your employees to enhance their experience and increase their awareness and success in optimizing their health through Nutritional education.


Eat with a nutritionist

Let me bring breakfast or lunch to the office. I will cater a healthy, nutritious meal. Your employees can enjoy a healthy, nutrient rich meal and learn about nutrition at the same time. I will eat with the employees, talk to them about nutrition and give them a chance to ask questions. I offer this as a series of breakfasts or lunches in packages of 4, 8 or 12 scheduled once a week.

Work with a Nutritionist

Offer your employees weekly sessions with a Nutritionist as part of your Wellness package. I offer 30,60 or 90 day packages that include Initial Nutritional Consultation and weekly 60 minute sessions. Check out the details here.