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Allison Phillips, NC, RNCP

About me, I have a bachelor of science in wellness from Vanderbilt University and graduated with honors from Hawthorn University with a Certified Holistic Nutrition degree. That --> is me in my natural environment (home office) in my natural attire (workout clothes). 

I often get the question, 'What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?' 

Generally, the curriculum in a dietetics program aligns itself with government standards and recommendations.

Nutritionists learn the science of nutrition and take an inclusive whole approach delving into physical and emotional connections to food, focusing on naturopathic and holistic principles.

To put it another way, most Dietitians work in hospitals or organizations developing nutrition programs for specific situations and populations, like the sick, children and elderly. The programs are required to adhere to the guidelines outlined by the USDA. 

Nutritionist generally work with the general public and focus on educating and recommending programs that promote a healthy lifestyle. It is a decidedly proactive approach to wellness. 

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I am trained in the science of nutrition and approach health by looking at the whole of the person.  Often times, the best plan will go may start with WHAT you are eating but move to Why. 

I offer nutrition consulting and education.  I am up to date in this every-changing field and I am an advocate for changing the way we view food and our health.  

Work with me to change your life through nutrition. Learn to love what you eat & it will love you back.  

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