What is an antioxidant rich food? And why do I need to eat it?

What is an antioxidant rich food? And why do I need to eat it?

Buzz word babe! Yes, everything is antioxidant this or anti-inflammatory that…. 

Let's answer the question,  what is an anti-oxidant and why do I need to eat one?  

But first, we need to start with a bit about how the body works optimally. 

We have a natural process that occurs in the body when we create energy that is called oxidation.  Oxidation occurs on the molecular or cellular level…so really, really small but critical… 

What happens is, one of the elections of an atom is removed when it comes in contact with oxygen to create energy. This atom is now unstable and is called a free radical. I think it should be called a pro-oxidant. 

Step 2,  Atoms hate to be unstable. So, this free radical/pro-oxidant goes looking for an anti-oxidant to make it stable again.  

Anti-oxidants can give up one of their electrons and move the remaining ones around and remain stable.   So it gives it up, the free radical goes back to being stable, and the world is good. That is the normal process.

However, if we have a poor diet, are exposed to chemicals, smoke or have a lot of stress,  you create way more free radicals than anti-oxidants.  Hmmm, that becomes a problem.  

So, the free radical looks for an anti-oxidant but can not find one, so it goes after another regular atom and forces it to give up its electron. 

The original free radical is now stable, but a new unstable free radical is created. This  causes a chain reaction and can lead to permanent damage to our cells.  That is not good.   

What we can do, we can limit our exposure to chemicals and smoke, decrease stress, limit sugar, process food, and alcohol. 

 And eat more high anti-oxidant foods to help our body balance. 

So, next time you see the words anti-oxidant rich foods I hope you will now know why you should be gobbling them up! 


This is Your Brain on Keto

This is Your Brain on Keto